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Invisible and Blank Blue Comment, Status | Facebook

❂ How to write invisible / Blank Status, Comment and Message on Facebook ?

This is easy and interesting trick to impress your friend with blank comment, Status and message. Just follow these steps and enjoy. Please leave your comment if you like it.
  • There are some ASCII Characters which are not visible on Facebook. If we paste them on Facebook status, comment or message box we get an empty status, comment and message. Just copy the characters which are written in these brackets [ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ] and paste them in your comment, status or message box.

 How to write blue Blank status and comment in Facebook ?

  • There are many methods to write empty blue status or comment in Facebook but one of the simplest and quick method to do this trick is pasting this link in your status or comments. 

When you paste this link your status look empty but when you move your mouse cursor to your status it will show blue lining 

Same as status your comment look empty but when you move your cursor to your comment it will show blue lining.


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